Sri Lanka. Land of the mellow longboard wave. | Photography by Tara Shirley-Beaven


The big attraction of surfing this south coast of Sri Lanka is the sheer variety of breaks within a 30-40 minute drive. From lazy longboarding waves to rolling, crumbling beginner waves – all the way to fat A-frames and hollow, shallow reefs – southern Sri Lanka has it all. The surf here and our set-up is suitable for beginners all year long. Improvers through experts have more options available to surf from November to April.


Our soul of surfing programme is designed to pass on our love of all things ocean to you. From wave-riding on all kinds of craft (focused for your level, be that beginner, improver, intermediate or beyond) to ocean awareness and activism, to blue health and how the ocean is good for the soul. Way more than your usual ‘pop-up-on-a-foamboard’ Sri Lanka surf school. Take a meander over to our main surf page for detailed information about our lessons, ethos and surf levels.

With our Soul of Surfing programme we aim to increase the sense of play (not just success) in the water and give a solid understanding of the soul surfing lifestyle. Read more about it here

Sri Lanka Surf Lessons

Soul & Surf Sri Lanka is a perfect destination for all surfers. From beginners and improvers to the more advanced, there is a wave to help you develop your surfing and have fun. Whether it is your first surf or you are a seasoned ol’ sea dog, we have tailored surf sessions for all levels. Our instructors can be as hands on or off as you like; we can hold your hand through each wave if you need us to, or we can hide in the shadows of the wave, giving you tips and pointers where necessary.

A Luxury Surf Camp?

We tend to avoid using the term surf camp, because the surf, yoga, dining and holistic experience we offer is worlds apart from the standard surf camp offering.

A typical surf camp experience would involve simple accommodation, basic catering and is generally aimed at the budget end of the market. We work hard to focus on everything that’s missing at a basic surf camp and consider the whole experience. So some customers have begun referring to us as a luxury surf camp, and that’s a term we are feeling a little more comfortable with.

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Fancy a more pared-down version of our surf lessons? Check our Beachside B&B for drop-in surf sessions, guides and board hire.

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Because you are with us for the whole week we can tailor the week’s lesson plans to each student’s requirements.

Surfing at our retreat

We keep the instructor to pupil ratio high to give you the individual attention you need, we offer daily video analysis and because we are with you for the whole week we can tailor the week’s lesson plans to each student’s requirements.

We then supplement that with daily Soul of Surfing workshops on surf theory, surf etiquette, ocean literacy, ocean activism, blue health and what soul surfing is all about. This way we make sure that each student develops and progresses not only their surfing ability throughout the week, we aim to increase the sense of play (not just success) in the water and give a solid understanding of the soul surfing lifestyle. 

Soul of Surfing Workshops

For everyone who is interested we run (almost) daily soul of surfing sessions at the hotel in which we will cover the theory sessions topics mentioned above and specific blue health, soul surfing and ocean literacy sessions.

Sundowner Sessions

Our afternoon ‘free surfs’ are an extension of our morning lessons and are the perfect opportunity for you to practice what you’ve learnt and to continue to develop your skills, or simply just bob about and watch the sunset. Our instructors and assistants will be on hand, on the beach or in the water with you, to keep you afloat and keep you stoked.

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Soul of Surfing - read all about our approach to surf lessons, theory, our ethos and more.

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