Bringing the vibes. Round your place.


We get it. Sometimes you want those Soul & Surf vibes... but without the travel. 


As has always been our mission at Soul & Surf, we plan to bring a little chunk of extra positivity to you. A bit of nourishment for the soul & the body, a bit of feel-good, a bit of motivation to get up and at ‘em - all without getting all eat, pray, love on yo’ ass.

And you know, it's been feeling good that we don't just do that with you at our various retreat locations but before you get on your plane/train/automobile and travel out to see us too.

So whether you're at your home, someone else's home or not anyone's home at all, perhaps you'd like to join us and our folk - for classes, cooking lessons, surf talks and other less ordinary discussions.

All of it taking place, you guessed it... At Home.

We're not just about the fancy holiday you know...

Soul & Surf At Home

We've been through a few iterations of At Home since 2020 (you know, back when internet meet-ups became the only meet-ups) - weekend-long home retreats, weekly online classes, subscription yoga... But now we've landed here - with slightly less frequent but more varied events that a whole host of our team will be involved in delivering for you online.

Think 'cook-with-us' sessions where we recreate some of the Soul & Surf favourites (on which note... monkey jam, anyone?), surf talks with the team, interviews and discussions with some of our favourite friends, and of course it wouldn't be complete without the yoga - whether that's Hayley, Rachel, Becca or Nat guiding you through their speciality practices. 

Is It For Me?

Whether you've stayed at every Soul & Surf location and know the team, or are only just finding us today we welcome all of you to At Home.

It's actually a great way to get to know us before you commit to a stay AND a great way to keep in touch once you've left for your own shores. Plus we believe that a wellness practice, whether that's related to yoga, surf, pranayama or even good food, should be accessible to every-body (hyphen intended) - so there'll always be offerings for you whatever your knowledge, pace or level. 

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Cooking classes, surf talks, yoga classes and more...


Upcoming Events

Gah! You've unfortunately missed our most recent event but the team's working hard on the next one so keep an eye out here for details, or sign up to the newsletter to be the first in the know.

Want To Collaborate?

If you know us, chances are you know that we're all about community which means, when it comes to At Home, we're totally up for collaboration. So if you have an idea that you'd like to work with us on, an online event that you think we could run together, drop us a line with the details (maybe check you fit our vibe first...) and let's see what we can make work.


Soul & Surf Round Your Place.

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