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We work with our massage therapists to provide creative, flowing treatments where no two treatments are the same. Our therapists are more than just masseurs. They work with minds and souls as much as they do with bodies, creating a genuine, human connection with you through initial consultations and sessions over the course of your stay. 


This is so they can find out where you’re at, what your needs are, and tailor a bespoke therapy just for you. Combining intuitive contact, body awareness, breath work and connection with the moment, we’ll work with your whole body in a gentle, caring way. 

Everyone can benefit from our therapies, not least in these… let’s say… challenging times in life. Anyone else been feeling particularly “scrunched” lately?!

It goes without saying, though, that in our treatments space we will be taking cleanliness even more seriously than usual. The space will be cleaned thoroughly between each treatment to ensure it is compliant with hygiene and cleaning requirements for the prevention and control of Covid-19.

Our therapists are more than just masseurs. They work with minds and souls as much as they do with bodies.

Our Treatments

You can see more about our prices for massage and therapies (as well as surf and yoga) over on What's Included...

Therapeutic Massage

In this signature massage different techniques are used to steer the body towards its own natural healing abilities. We use classical movements from Swedish massage to encourage better circulation, blood flow and flexibility in the tissues, acupressure to relieve stress and pain, myofascial release to help and support elongation – as well as a general release in the deeper layers of the connective tissues.

Some subtle work on the energetic body will round this experience off and you will leave the massage bed balanced and grounded – yet light and very relaxed.

Through intuitive listening the therapist addresses your physical and energetic issues by gently steering the body towards its own natural healing abilities and opening up the potential for deep releasing of all kinds. This restorative and deeply relaxing massage consists of continuous, and slow fluid movements creating balance between the mind and body.

75 Mins


This gentle but profoundly relaxing treatment supports the energetic rebalancing of the body and mind through slow, rhythmic palm and thumb pressure along the meridians (energy pathways), along with stretches and joint mobilisation techniques. Expect to leave feeling open, realigned and deeply restored.

75 Mins

*Must be booked in advance – enquire on-site

To become the ‘new you’ we recommend adding 3 x 75 minute massages which you can book once your accommodation is fully paid.

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