In collaboration with You Are The Sea


We work with our professional massage therapists to provide creative and flowing treatments where no two treatments are the same. This requires our therapist to create a genuine connection with the client which we achieve through an initial consultation that finds out where you’re at, what your needs are, and what your issues are.


Our therapist can then create a treatment for you, combining intuitive contact, body awareness, breathwork and connecting with the moment – to look after your whole body in a gentle, caring way.

And if you’re just wanting to soothe your tired surf & yoga limbs and muscles, we can obviously help you out with that too.

Everyone can benefit from our therapies. It is useful in especially difficult periods of your life, can help with every-day stress and physical fatigue – and is highly recommended for most of us city folk who tend to live out of kilter with our bodies.

Soul & Surf & YAS

We're very excited to be tying up with Franco and You Are The Sea (YAS), once again, to offer one of a kind treatments in Sri Lanka. We’ve been great friends with Franco and YAS for a mighty long time. He was our first in house therapist in Kerala back at the dawn of time and was our in-house therapist when we first opened in Sri Lanka.

You Are the Sea is a therapeutic program based on holistic bodywork. Its aim is to build a self-awareness and acceptance of the intrinsic intelligence within the body.

Franco — You Are The Sea

You Are The Sea Table Session

The work itself is abstract and organic, a complex yet unstructured composition where rhythms and intensities are masterfully created and intuitively delivered. They combine long integrative strokes with detailed deep tissue work, thus allowing the patient to be fully immersed in a continuous, recycling energy flow. Movement is the prime element in the composition.

We subtly mix swings, stretches and acrobatic balancing postures. The idea behind this is to trigger the inherent movement patterns that are rooted in the nervous system. In this way the patient can acknowledge structural blockages by observing how their body reacts to different stimulation.

Ocean Experience

This unique work will take your body for a ride in the ocean. With your nose blocked and eyes closed, using minimal contact, the practitioner holds you in a floating position. The movement of the waves and rips are used to trigger your body patterns. As on land, you are guided through the experience and are gently encouraged to work to let go of control of the body and thus truly feel the connection with universal motion that the ocean produces.

To become the ‘new you’ we recommend adding 3 x 75 minute sessions or take it to the next level the Ocean Pack which includes 3x 75 min massages plus an Ocean Experience session, which you can book once your accommodation is confirmed.

Other therapies

Please note if Franco from You Are the Sea is fully booked, we can organise a freelance massage therapist for you – however their treatments will differ from the descriptions above. Please chat to the therapist when you are here so they can find out where you’re at, what your needs are – and tailor a bespoke therapy just for you.

Check out our prices and extras page for details.


In collaboration with You Are The Sea

Our therapists are more than just masseurs. They work with minds and souls as much as they do with bodies.

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