Music matters.


Music is important to us. So many of us have been DJs, dancers, promoters and musicians in our previous lives though Ed’s main DJ gig these days is compiling the playlists for the various Soul & Surf sites, with Raff adding a few to the rotation now too.


When we can and enough of us are in the same country we host Soul & Surf Sessions parties in quirky locations, mostly with Ed & Raff DJ’ing. 

We have great outdoor, daydream spaces in our gardens so we’ve worked out a left of centre  program of music to suit the mood of the day. We work hard to avoid those surf camp Bob Marley or Ibiza Chillout  clichés. Don’t get me wrong, Marley and Padilla were both geniuses, but you can hear that stuff everywhere else. 

There is a ridiculous amount of incredible music out there. Some stuff you’ll know, lots of stuff you might not. Just listen without prejudice…. And please don’t ask us to slap on your R&B bangers.

If you liked the soundtracks when you came to stay or are curious about what to expect you can follow the Spotify playlists linked below.

"Music melts all the separate parts of our bodies together" - Anaïs Nin

Sessions. We love 'em.


S&S Sunshine Soul 2021 on Spotify

S&S Sunshine Soul 2020 on Spotify

S&S Sunshine Soul 2019 on Spotify

S&S Sunshine Soul 2018 on Spotify

S&S Sunshine Soul 2017 on Spotify

S&S Sunshine Soul 2016 on Spotify

S&S Sunshine Soul 2015  on Spotify



S&S Eclectic 2021 on Spotify

S&S Eclectic 2020 on Spotify

S&S Eclectic 2019 on Spotify

S&S Eclectic 2018 on Spotify

S&S Eclectic 2017 on Spotify

S&S Eclectic 2016 on Spotify

S&S Eclectic 2015 on Spotify


Listen without prejudice.

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