King coconuts. They'll make you smile too.


It’s about balance. Hearty but healthy. Local but international. We call it Sunshine Food. The defining moments of many people’s stay at Soul & Surf over the years have been the communal, post surf/yoga, meals round the big table. These late, leisurely, long communal meals tend to be the times that things are organised, like-minded people are met, plots are hatched and friendships blossomed.

Sunshine Food at our Hilltop Retreat.

It’s not insta-perfect hipster buddha bowls or Michelin fine dining. It’s just the right amount of naughty indulgence and restorative goodness. One minute you’re reaching for vegan raw energy balls after a surf, the next you’re feasting on Sri Lankan rice & curry or jackfruit tacos. That’s what we call balance.


More than just the menus we create, the meals we cook, the drinks we serve or the ingredients we use; it’s a way of feeding our souls.

So it’s no surprise that we are kind of stoked on serving up food and drinks which inspire you and make you feel good, whether you’re in the water, in the yoga studio or just chilling in the sun.

Developed by our co-founder Sofie with head chef Aruna, the Soul & Surf Sri Lanka Retreat  menu is all about wild health; using nature in our dishes but not making it just about #cleaneating – it’s more down to earth than that. Many meals are plant-based but we balance that with some fish, seafood and a little meat. And of course vegans and vegetarians are always catered for.

Everywhere we look, we’re surrounded by vibrant and colourful produce out here in the sunshine. This inspires dishes which start as modern twists on local Sri Lankan food and then range further afield – as we take inspiration from sunshine cuisines from around the world, from sunny salads to soulful sides. We’re about integrating local produce and local techniques with global cuisine; fusing health with indulgence and always making sure our food looks as beautiful as it tastes.

Sunshine food, as we like to call it.

Want a little taste at home? Try our coconut roti breakfast


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The Soul & Surf menu is all about wild health; using nature in our dishes but not making it about #cleaneating - it’s more down to earth than that.


Hearty but Healthy. Sunshine Food.


At Tekanda – our luxury eco-lodge – breakfast and dinner are designed to be communal, whilst lunch is more of a drop-in affair. We won’t force you to eat everything together if you'd like a bit of alone time – flexibility is our middle name after all – but with so many interesting, like-minded folks from around the world at the table we do encourage it.

We tend to have a light snack, pre-breakfast of coffee, dates and fruits first thing in the morning, then a hearty breakfast after surf, followed by a light lunch in the early afternoon, post yoga snacks and then pre-dinner snacks followed by dinner shortly after the sun sets. Meal times can shift around depending on the current surf schedule.

Do check what's included before you come... 

Sunday Sessions at Soul & Surf Canteen

In peak season, November to April, we run some really fun Sunday Sessions at Soul & Surf Canteen, our other location by the beach.

With DJ’s, local bands and an amazing seafood (and veggie) BBQ, it’s a great way to connect with fellow travellers and locals alike.

You can swap your Sunday evening dinner for the BBQ if you’d like. Just give us some warning.

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