Our Beachside Bed & Breakfast is a boutique hotel positioned on a dreamy, secluded little waterfront cove in Ahangama, Southern Sri Lanka. Hidden from the road, the beach is dotted with palm trees, and there is a nice easy wave right out front with safe swimming and the odd turtle in our lagoon. Right there! We can walk to it, what a treat.

In fact, if the hotel was any closer to the ocean, it’d be a boat.

Due to Covid we were forced to leave the Sri Lanka property we’d called home since 2015. We used the time wisely and re-evaluated what we offer and… pivoted. We realised the high-end all-inclusive weekly retreats we ran in Sri Lanka didn’t suit all of our guests. We listened. And we found our perfect location for a casual surf & yoga focused beach B&B with bar and our Soul & Surf/Canteen restaurant. 

If you stayed with us pre-Covid you’ll notice that we’re doing things a little differently.

Here on the beach, instead of all-inclusive retreats we’re taking a super flexible approach. This means we’ll simply charge you for bed & breakfast, with a two night minimum, you can add lunch and dinner at our onsite restaurant & bar, Canteen. And of course, our surf, yoga and massage sessions are available to add as extras day by day, or save money on pre-paid activities, so that you can do as much or as little as you’d like. 

Our seven rooms are all sea-facing, simple yet stylishly presented and we have an on-site cafe, bar & restaurant and all with a sea view. You get too hot, hop in the sea. You get too lazy, jump in the sea. You get bored with your friends, plop in the sea.

So it’s not a retreat, but a Sri Lanka surf camp? We’re a little more sedate than that. We offer a particularly special and, well, erm, soulful surf, yoga & therapy experience for our guests.

Come, meet new people, or hang with your loved one, or the family. Or, of course, to just laze by the beach with a drink. We’re not too serious and definitely not too worthy… But we do have a whole heap of life-affirmingly brilliant people on our team making it happen who you might like to get to know while you’re here.

Click read more to learn more about the hotel and the difference between this and our hilltop retreat in Sri Lanka.

The Accommodation

It’s unusual to be on this part of the coast without being wedged in next to the busy coast road. But that’s definitely not the case here – we are set away from the road, tucked into a tropical paradise cove. We’ve got a great cove for swimming right here, and another couple in walking distance and a range of surf breaks for different levels all within minutes plus our own little break on the reef past the lagoon – with an easy, rolling wave out front shared with just a few others.

What’s the difference between this and your Luxury Hilltop Retreat in Sri Lanka?

Whichever option you go for, you’ll be getting the same amount of love from us. 

Our beach-front bed & breakfast hotel is right on the shoreline in our little cove and is simple and flexible, encouraging you to custom build your trip as short or long as you want – adding surf, yoga, massage and meals as you see fit. 

Our hilltop luxury surf & yoga retreat is, on the other hand, pretty much all inclusive (except booze and massages) week long, focused retreats at a jaw-droppingly beautiful, tranquil, hilltop-lodge with incredible views ten minutes from the beach. Dare we use the word luxury? We do. 

Interested in knowing more about the area? Download our Sri Lanka guide >

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“I had high expectations of S&S Sri Lanka, having had a pretty special time at their place in Kerala exactly a year beforehand. My expectations were blown out of the park - it was hands down the highlight of my month in Sri Lanka.“ – Bethan M

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The Soul & Surf Way

Do as little or as much as you want to, no pressure. Some guests surf and spend the rest of the day hanging out, having coffees, chats and putting the world to rights; some just come for the yoga, meditation or massage; some surf as much as they possibly can; some come to just hang out, eat, drink coolers, sunbathe and enjoy the welcoming community Soul & Surf vibe.

What About The Schedule?

All the details of what’s included in your stay with us here can be found on our What’s Included page, but below is a little more insight into how your days might play out…

6.45am Meet for water & bananas, yawn, stretch, wake up
7.00am Leave for your surf lesson. Or…
8.30am Join our morning yoga class
9.30 – 11am A hearty, healthy communal breakfast in our cafe, Canteen
11.00am Soul surfing workshops, one to one yoga, massage, swim, chat or snooze
1.00pm A healthy, hearty lunch from Soul & Surf’s cafe, Canteen
2.00pm One to one yoga, massage, swim, chat or snooze
5.00pm Sunset yoga class, or head out for a sunset surf
6.30pm Watch the sunset with a cocktail then meet for dinner, a drink and a good yarn.

The day’s events will change depending on the season, the surf conditions, your energy levels and the day of the week. And if you want to spend the day drinking cocktails in our ocean view garden we won’t bat an eyelid. Or… if you’d like to spend the day careering from yoga to surf to massage and back again we’ll make that happen too. It’s a broad church we run here.

Read more to learn about surf seasons, covid policies and bringing the kids.

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Surf Seasons in Sri Lanka

As we are near to the southern tip we escape the full monsoon that rages elsewhere in Sri Lanka which means we’re open all year round. But be prepared, in the wetter season of May to November we do experience some heavy tropical showers mixed with bright sunshine, and some wilder seas making this time of year more suitable for either beginners (on our sheltered beaches) or experts (at the few reefs and points that handle the swell). In the drier season from November to May there are more sunshine days and cleaner surfing conditions but bigger crowds. We love both but the choice is yours.


The c-word. It has changed the whole world, and forced many of us to re-think habits and routines we wouldn’t once have thought twice about. Anyone remember hugs & handshakes? We have always taken cleanliness and hygiene seriously at our hotels, but in light of Covid-19, we have created our own internal protocol that meets both Sri Lankan and international guidelines.

For more info, please read our company Covid-19 page.

Bringing The Kids?

We very much welcome families coming to stay with us and do what we can to make it affordable and workable with the kids. But we have to be realistic too. So if we can add extra beds or a cot to your room we can keep things very reasonable, if the kids need their own room we have to charge the normal rate.

We’re not allowed to recommend or offer baby-sitting or childcare as a service because our UK insurers advise us not to as the local mums from the village aren’t qualified, registered or insured. But we can introduce you to some of the Sri Lankan ladies from the local village that look after Ed & Sofie’s baby and our friends’ kids, and if you feel comfortable you can arrange child-care directly with them at very reasonable rates whilst you surf or practice yoga.

We love the kids to join in with whatever we can reasonably allow them to do. Surfing is an inherently dangerous activity so we have to have some limitations. Talk to the yoga teacher when you arrive if you’d like your kids to try yoga. It has the be at the yoga teachers discretion and not to the detriment of our other yogis experience.

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We've had a really good stab at creating our own version of Lonely Planet for you, and compiled our very own insider's guide to South Sri Lanka.

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Adventures in Sri Lanka

A glimpse into life at Soul & Surf. A tranquil, tropical break from the norm and a recharge for mind, body and soul.

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“The culture at Soul & Surf is so sensitive to their neighbours and community. I cannot recommend this place more highly. It's not everywhere where you find a specific role called Head of Vibes – the vibes were spot on. ”
— Rosie Wintour, Trip Advisor

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