Soul & Surf’s Insider’s Guide to South Sri Lanka

This is Soul & Surf’s take on a local area guide. A real insider’s guide to our South Sri Lanka.

We don’t want or need to add to the noise and give you another Lonely Planet-style tourist guide. You can look that up anywhere. This guide won’t necessarily tell you about the best, flashiest restaurants, or where to go to get the best sunset (although those things are obviously brilliant and you should do those things too).

Instead this is straight from the mouths of the people that actually live here, work here, have spent a lot of time here. It’s where the staff run away to when they have a day off, or when we finish up for the season and give ourselves a little treat. Where the local kids go to eat the best dosas. Where we spend our time when we are in these places. Most of this stuff is close to home – the everyday that we take for granted in these special corners of the world.

And it’s the little gems we’ve found and assimilated over the years that are away from the tourists, off the beaten path. These special spots sometimes won’t have the best decor, wifi or the best service (or any service at all). You may not be able to find them easily, the people that work there may not speak English to you, you might get lost, you might get something completely different to what you ordered. But you’ll be experiencing something real. And that’s why we all travel, right?

So here is our version of the Lonely Planet for you. Anecdotes, tips and a peek into a life less ordinary. Of course we’re not giving it away for free so you will need to hand over a couple of details and subscribe to our email list – but with even more of the good stuff heading your way there, we’d call that a pretty good trade.

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