Coaching you from the wave itself. | Photography by Peter Chamberlain

This place is properly special. The island is welcoming, generous and the people are as beautiful as the coastline. Dreamy blue (warm) waters pared with the music of the inland jungle give you space to soften when the world seems to be spinning a little too quickly. Plus the wave machine out front of our hotel is pretty lush. Just don't mention the monkeys in front of Joel... 


We’ve previously offered seven or 10 day stays, where we will look after your yoga, meditation, and surfing needs.  Whilst eating all the food, having all the massage, and all the excellent chats.  We don't need to tell you about how our pesky pal Covid-19 put a (temporary) hold on all things Pop-Up...

...but for now we’ll take you through the details of our previous surf & yoga retreats in Lombok. And invite you to sign-up to be notified once we can go again.

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A Typical Retreat Day In Lombok

We base our days around the wind and the tides, and each day we’ll have a window of opportunity to go for one big surf or maybe two smaller surfs. Here is an idea of what we’ll get up to.

6.30am Fruit with tea & coffee to get us started 
6.45am Yoga for surfers warm-up 
7am  Head out for morning surf and lessons 
9:30am Back for breakfast 
11am  Surf theory/massage/snorkelling/SUPping/chill time 
1pm   Lunch
3pm  Yoga
4.30pm Sunset surf 
7.30pm Dinner


What’s Included

  • Ten nights accommodation 
  • Transfers to and from Lombok International Airport 
  • Pre surf tea, coffee and bananas 
  • Delicious, hearty, breakfast, lunch and dinner each day. As much as you can eat!! 
  • 8 days of surfing (with a rest day in the middle so you can leave Ekas and explore) 
  • Daily boat trips to the various surf spots in Ekas bay 
  • Use of all available water sports and other sporting equipment, subject to availability 
  • 9x yoga sessions 
  • A 50 min massage – enjoyed on the day you arrive and every second day until you leave 
  • Free bottled water in the villas and in the restaurant 
  • Complimentary local coffee and tea is also available.

...And What's Not

  • Flights 
  • Insurance 
  • Drinks are not included and are paid for separately 
  • Intergalactic space travel

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“There’s a choice of waves from absolute novice to crazy scary, but their professionalism means that they know just how much or little to push you, keeping you safe as you progress.” ~ Ekaterina, Devon

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Yes, it really is that blue, and that sunny, and that wavey. | Photography by Peter Chamberlain


The surf was what drew us to Lombok the first time, and is the main reason we come back again and again. Lombok has consistent waves generated from the Southern Ocean, it is not (yet) as busy as Bali, and has accessible spots for surf progression.

For starters, the waves break right out front of where we will be staying – we’ll be able to check the surf from the villas. We will have certain times each day that we’ll be offering lessons, but you’ll also be able to grab a board at any time to go for a splash.

The waves are consistent all year round, more so from April through November, with longer period swells arriving from the southern ocean. Ekas bay really is suitable for all surfers with options whether the waves are big or small. 

Hit Read More for all the detail around our surf offer in Lombok...

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Surf Lessons

As with our permanent retreats in Sri Lanka, India & Portugal we’ll be offering lessons, but we do recommend you have had at least a few before this trip. We will provide instruction for the surfer that has some paddling experience and is consistently getting to their feet in the white water, looking to explore unbroken waves. Or the intermediate, looking to improve on their basic manoeuvres and how to handle themselves in more challenging waves. 

We’ll also be able to work with more advanced surfers out on the reefs, getting you in earlier and becoming more precise with your manoeuvres. With the exception of arrival and departure days, we’ll be in the water every day.

From White to Green

To make the most of this trip you will really want to be able to paddle a fair distance and should have spent some time in the water. We really recommend this trip to the surfer that has a little experience, has spent some time with their feet on a board, and is looking to progress their surfing outside of the white water.

For the less experienced – you’ll be required to paddle a little further than we would usually expect for a beginner, so undertaking a few lessons before this trip and spending some time in the pool working on your fitness and stamina will be advantageous.


We will have use of all water sports equipment from the hotel but the quality and quantity may be limited. We can advise you on what board to bring with you and what is suited best to this wave and your ability level.  Most long-haul airlines will allow you to take surfboards as part of your checked baggage allowance (but it is always best to confirm this with your airline directly before you book).

If you don’t have your own board, it’s best to get in touch with us and we can advise you. There are boards available from the hotel, but they are very difficult to get hold of in Lombok, so are in limited supply. Please drop us an email if you have specific needs with surf boards and we’ll see what we can do.

If you find yourself coming through Bali on your way to Lombok it could always be worthwhile pre-ordering and picking yourself up a new board on your way. Adam is always happy to talk board design, so drop him an email if you’re thinking of having a board shaped or want to pick something up prior to your trip. There are a few shapers across the world that we work closely with that will be able to deliver something to suit your needs and desires.

Remember, you can never have too many surfboards!

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Not sure there is a better way to spend a sunset tbh. | Photography by Peter Chamberlain


Yoga has always been an integral part of the Soul that we offer within our Pop-Ups. Rachel will guide you through a menu of thoughtfully sequenced yoga asana classes, guided meditations, and pranayama (breathwork) sessions throughout your stay (check this free pranayama out as an example of our work). These will be tailored to you and the surf, helping you to improve your practice no matter whether you are a seasoned yogi or have trouble touching your shins, let alone your toes. 

The aim will be to build strength and mobility to compliment your surfing, using a mixture of dynamic vinyasa, slow flow and restorative yin yoga. Meditation and pranayama sessions will allow you space to reconnect and give you tools to be more mindful, both in and out of the ocean. We will make use of the beautiful shala situated high on the cliffs overlooking the bay and no doubt will fit in some sunrise and sunset sessions.

Rachel has been teaching yoga to surfers for seven years – and will be surfing with you every day – so has a few tricks up her sleeves to ease those aches and pains. If you’re already a seasoned yogi you’ll have the chance to go deeper and really focus on your practice, and if you are new to yoga this is your chance to get an idea of how incredible a consistent practice feels. We may even be lucky enough to be joined by the crew of local monkeys.

Food & Drink

Sunshine food is a signature part of what we do, and that doesn't change for our Pop-Ups...

Sunshine Food

Food and meal times for us are an event, a treat and the fuel that powers our whole retreat. We will start the day with tea, coffee and fruit to get us prepared for our morning surf, after which we will return for a hearty breakfast. We’ll fit a healthy lunch in, helping to get us through the afternoon yoga and surf session, before heading back for the evening meal.

Water & Drinks

Drinks are not included and are paid for separately. We do provide free bottled water in the villas and in the restaurant, where complimentary local coffee and tea is also available. The restaurant has wine, beer, spirits and cocktails and is fully serviced by friendly staff. You can order drinks from the pool, bar or restaurant.



There is more to do here than just surf. Honest.

Location & Travel

Lombok is an Indonesian island east of Bali and west of Sumbawa, part of the Lesser Sunda Island chain. Like most tropical islands Lombok has a wet and dry season.

Getting to Lombok

You will most likely require a two-stop flight from Europe, changing in the UAE, KL or Singapore as well as in Jakarta or Bali. Prices range from £400, being very cheap and upwards of £800, being high. We tend to browse Skyscanner or Google Flights to get the full picture for long-haul flights as they seem to offer the best range of deals from different airlines. 

From the Airport

It takes about 1.5 hours from the new international airport and nearly 4 hours from the ferry terminal and the Gili Islands ports. The flights are usually less expensive than the “fast boats” and far more quick and convenient. We will be supplying two transfer times on each of the check in & check out days. We will update you with these times closer to the date of the Pop-Up


Most foreign citizens are eligible for a tourist visa on arrival in Indonesia, valid for 30 days. Please double check before booking. We have found the Lombok Network site to be helpful

Other Activities

SUPping around the calm parts of Ekas Bay with easy access to the water from the white sandy beach. You can watch the surf from the side, or paddle up to the nearby fishing village for a look at Lombok life near the sea. You’ll be amazed by the coral and fish life. 

Snorkelling from the beach is also great fun, along the back of the fringing reef where you’ll find coral outcrops and reef fish embedded in the white sands backdrop. 

Bicycle Tour Two-hour guided loop cycle with world-class ocean and village views


We’ve chosen this time of year to run the Pop-Up as you can find a nice balance in late October / early November between the hot dry season and the wet season. Now we don't claim to be Michael Fish, but we expect to find that the rainy season hasn’t yet started with clear mornings and cooler afternoons once the wind picks up.

Stunning sunsets, new friends made, and lots of laughter. I cannot wait to go back!’ ~ Cliona, London

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