Rakhul - one of a kind

Name: My name is Rakhul, find me on Facebook
Age: 25
Where’s Home? I’m from the Western Ghats
What’s your role at Soul&Surf: 
I’m working as a surf instructor in Varkala

How did you start surfing?
I came to visit a friend at S&S and I started to work in the café. I’d seen surfing before but when I got here I had free time so I went for a surf lesson, it was the first time in my life on a surfboard, I was so excited but a bit scared.

I’m from the mountains so I’d never had experience in the ocean or with waves. My first lesson was terrible, I couldn’t even lie on my surfboard but I loved it so I started surfing with the other guys at S&S. On my 6th lesson I stood up and was so excited I fell off. I was fist pumping and telling everyone I got a green wave and was so happy that I didn’t eat all day.

From then I went out whenever I had free time, to catch waves and wipe outs, and when a guest gifted me a surfboard I felt braver to go out on my own. I went for every wave so I learnt how to read the ocean and helped out the surf team whenever I could, going with them and watching what they were doing. I joined in helping people and they liked me so the next season I applied to work as an assistant surf coach. I did half and half café and surf. Then after a while I moved to the surf team full time and went for my qualification. I’m now the 9th person in India to have qualified as a surf instructor. 

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That smile though

What does Soul mean to you?
Soul is your attitude, your personality, soul means to become a nice good person which is what I try to do.

What inspires you about your work?
I have a lot of fun and I get to meet so many cool people, I have friends all over the world. I get to have fun with the waves, it makes you feel happier being in the sea and being a part of what’s going on.

What’s your goal for the future?
I want to make a rap album and I’d love to keep teaching surfing. It’s a new thing in India so I’d like to be one of the leaders in that for my country. I want to travel and surf in different places, I went to Bali and Sri Lanka for the first time this year and I loved it.

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