Here's some words from Blain about what makes him tick (in between keeping everything running smoothly out in the jungle...)


Blain | Photography by Mike Wakefield

Where's home for you?

Home's always been Sri Lanka, I have lived in the West, East, and South of the Island. Maybe one day in the North.

How did you come to join the Soul & Surf family?

The drive to want more in life. I was running a small travel scene on the East Coast of Lanka and by the end of summer I felt a void that I needed to fill. I looked online for openings and the very first post that I came across was just a two-sentence ad. "Do you want to surf and work with us" or something on those lines. I read it and knew immediately, this is the place! Even before I applied, I had a feeling: I got this already. I always question my sixth sense but on this one, we seemed quite confident and in agreement. I didn't bother checking elsewhere for any other jobs, I applied straight away and here I am.

What does a typical day at Soul & Surf look like for you?

A typical day is never typical in Sri Lanka, nor at Soul & Surf. Every day is different...which is amazing since I kicked out of the "routine life" long ago. What (or who) inspires you? Apart, from the well-known figures we each have and admire, I would say being around passionate people regardless of what they do. If they are passionate I can relate and feed off that energy. It fuels me to be the best version of myself. Also, audacious ideas, new opportunities and people who possess great intelligence and humility.

What does Soul mean to you?

Soul is something that is alive. Finding your way, being your best self and making a life that brings joy, fills your Soul. There is Music, Art, Literature, Design, and Nature in it all.

Find Blain at Soul & Surf Sri Lanka - our year-round surf and yoga retreat, nestled in the jungle on the south west of the island.

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